Chasing Childhood


Made with Unreal Engine 4 and Blueprints.

Chasing Childhood was a game made in 48h, during the breaks I could have in a game jam which I was organizing/producing (ConfraDev Game Jam, check in my works page).
The game tells the story of Luanna, a little girl who is trapped in her nightmare where she is already grown up and her world is falling apart. The only way out is a door that would be unlocked with a single key: a broken toy with all its pieces spread over the house. She has to find all the parts at any cost and face all the traps in the house.


Programming & UI

Marcelino Borges

3D Arts

Caio Filizola


Dan Medeiros

2D Arts

Luana Nascimento

Game Design

Ícaro Milet