The Secret of Nassau


Made with Unreal Engine 4 and Blueprints.

Game made in 48h to the Noord GameJam organized by NoordGames in July, 20-22, 2018. My main role in this project was as programmer, using Unreal 4 as engine. The theme of the jam was “Brazil-Netherlands”, so we tried to escape from common subjects, potencially focused by many other groups, what led us to a story about Frans Post’s paintings. The player is a friend of the famous “Maurício de Nassau” (Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen), the leader of the West India Company’s expedition which tried to invade and colonize the recently discovered lands of Brazil. Nassau asked his friend to save all the paintings (treasure in Europe) hidden in his house on Recife, Brazil. The player lives an immersive experience where the bombs are falling, everything is shaking and he is trying to find all those arts spread by the house.

  • The Secret of Nassau was the winner (1st place) at this game jam competition, among 12 other games.



Marcelino Borges


Rodrigo Silva

3D Artist

Caio Filizola

3D Artist

Eduardo Amorim

2D Artist

Vinícius Omena

SFX & Music

Vinícius Virtuoso

Game Designer

Danilo Lopes